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What is cold heading?

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Cold heading is also known as cold forming. The metal is shaped and altered at a cooler temperature. Some companies choose to utilize the cold heading process at room temperature, while others perform in cooler temperatures due to the kind of metal used in the process and the strength of the machinery. Typically though, this is not going to have any outweighing significance on the cost of your final product. Because none of the material is shaved off, it is possible for the manufacturer to reduce waste to almost zero. Additionally, as the temperature can remain closer to room temperature, the manufacturer is not going to spend much on heating the metal. By cutting out almost all potential waste and not relying on excessive heat, costs may be 70% less than other options.

These are just the general financial basics of the cold heading process though. To understand the benefits of cold heading even further, you need to dive into the actual techniques of the process. This way, you know exactly what takes place and how it does differ from the other options out there. 

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